Help is on the way!

Initial shock in Kyiv has given way to a ferocious resolve to resist the Russian invaders. As of this morning, massive explosions are rocking the Ukrainian capital. However, the incredible bravery of Ukraine’s armed forces and civilian volunteers continues to hold back the Russian army.

The heroic resistance of Kyiv’s Freedom Fighters is arousing massive public support throughout the Free World. In the United States, citizens are demonstrating their support by holding marches and by flooding government officials with emails. Yesterday morning I sent emails to the White House and to our Senators and Congressional representative. Pessimists and cynics may say this is a waste of time. But the collective action of tens of thousands of outraged citizens is having an impact on elected officials in the US and in Europe.

Desperately needed military assistance is now on the way. President Biden announced the US is sending Ukraine over $300 million in urgently needed weapons, body armor, and ammunition. In a major announcement, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Berlin is shipping Ukraine 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. Belgium and Turkey are providing additional valuable military supplies.

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Saturday also witnessed a significant economic development. Members of the European Union (EU) are removing Russian banks from the SWIFT financial system. This essentially bars the Russians from engaging in international financial transactions.

The message to Ukraine’s valiant Freedom Fighters is clear: You are not alone. Help is on the way. David can defeat Goliath!

(As a lifelong teacher, I find today’s picture particularly compelling. Thanks to Zoom, my current SAT class includes international students including one living in Sarajevo. The young Ukrainians are holding guns instead of books. Godspeed to these heroic Freedom Fighters who are defending their country in its hour of maximum danger.)

UPDATE: Putin has just ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces placed on high alert. He declared the move is a response to “aggressive statements” by the leading NATO powers and the punitive economic sanctions now in place. This marks a significant escalation of tensions that will almost certainly force the United States and NATO to respond.

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