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2021 AP US History

Fast Review

The Essential Content is designed to live up to its name. APUSH exam writers do not focus on specific presidents, dates, or places. That’s why Fast Review provides a carefully organized presentation of the key developments, trends, and patterns that are regularly tested on APUSH exams.

Fast Review contains 10 chapters and a Glossary. Chapters 1 – 9 are devoted to the nine required time periods in the Course and Exam Description book (CED). Chapter 10 provides a unique chronological description of key historic comparisons. The Glossary explains the importance of terms that have actually generated APUSH questions.

There is no reason to spend valuable review time memorizing lists of presidents, acts of Congress, or Supreme Court cases. Fast Review provides the essential information you actually need to know.

Doing the DBQ, AP US History 2021 Exam

The Insider’s

Doing The DBQ

The Essential DBQ Guide

The Document-Based Question (DBQ) poses a challenge for many students. The DBQ scoring rubric awards 7 possible points. Between 2017 and 2019 average scores ranged from a “low” of 2.22 to a “high” of 2.54. Low DBQ scores make it difficult to earn an overall APUSH score of 4 or 5.

Doing the DBQ is designed to help you write high-scoring essays. The book contains 11 practice DBQs. Each DBQ is followed by an annotated essay enabling you to understand how the essay fulfills rubric requirements.

But what if you are unprepared for the prompt or don’t understand all the documents? No problem! The final section of Doing the DBQ explains and illustrates a unique Plan B strategy designed to help you earn 4 of the 7 rubric points.

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AP US History

A Strategic Review

Second Edition

This is not just another APUSH review book. AP US History, A Strategic Review lives up to its title by focusing on the key topics that most frequently appear on APUSH exams. For example, A Strategic Review devotes four chapters to African American history, two to Women’s history, and one to Native American history. A series of unique mini-chapters provide all the information you need to know on frequently tested topics such as the Second Great Awakening, the Great Society, and the Vietnam War.

Strategic Review enables you to test your knowledge with a wealth of practice questions that include 190 multiple-choice questions and 27 short-answer questions. In addition, Strategic Review concludes with chapters that describe and illustrate long-essay and document-based questions.

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AP Art History

Volume 3

Beyond the European Tradition with Global Contemporary

Concise, clear, and interesting essays for each of the 84 works in APAH Content Areas 6–10. Quarter-page photo of each artwork plus a sidebar drawing connections to other works. Includes 80 practice questions and a glossary.

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US History

A Strategic Review
second edition

Art History

Volume 3 | Beyond the European Tradition with Global Contemporary

US History

The Essential Content