Breaking News – The Ukrainian Crisis

MARCH 14, 2022

Russian soldiers carried dress uniforms for their victory parade in Kyiv, rather than extra ammunition and rations.

The Ukrainian crisis continues to be a fast-moving series of events. Here is an up-to-date summary of key developments taking place on and off the battlefield.

Russia Is Now A “No-Fry Zone”

Over 320 global companies from Apple to Volkswagen have suspended business operations in Russia. FedEx halted deliveries, Royal Caribbean cancelled cruises, and McDonald’s closed 847 locations thus turning Russia into a no-fry zone.

A Sports Pariah

In just 3 weeks, Russia has become an international sports pariah. More than 30 sports federations have blocked Russian athletes from international competition. Russian skaters have been banned from this month’s world championships, the doors of the Paralympics have been shut on Russian athletes, and even Russian cats have been excluded from international feline competition.

Mounting Russian Losses

Putin believed his war machine would roll into Ukraine and win a quick and decisive victory. Russian soldiers carried dress uniforms for their victory parade in Kyiv, rather than extra ammunition and rations. Now their soldiers outside Kyiv are facing supply issues and constant attacks from Ukrainian forces.

Russian Battlefield Losses Are Difficult To Estimate.

However, military experts now believe the Russians have lost as many as 6,000 men. That is a HUGE loss. For comparison, the United States lost approximately 2,400 soldiers in twenty years of fighting in Afghanistan. Russia’s population is 145 million or only 42 percent of America’s population of 340 million people. The 6,000 Russian battlefield losses would thus equate to about 15,000 US casualties in just 3 weeks!

Bear Russia, Bees Ukraine

Asking China For Help

According to US officials, Russia has asked China for military equipment to resupply its invading force. White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan bluntly warned China to deny the request.

Looking For An Off-Ramp

The request for Chinese aid may be a sign of mounting troubles for the Kremlin’s once-vaunted war machine. In another sign that Putin may be looking for an off-ramp to end the crisis, there are indications that progress is being made in the ongoing negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. It is important to remember that Putin started the war and only he can end it.

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