AP US History


Preparing for the AP US History Exam

The most frequent question APUSH teachers are asking me is, “I’m really pressed for time. How much time should I devote to Period 9?” Good question! Period 9 presents a real challenge. The 42 years in this period include a lot of American history. Given pressing time constraints it is important to remember two key facts: First, students only need to earn about 52 of the possible 140 points to earn a 3. And second, Period 9 only accounts for 4 – 6 percent of the 140 points on an APUSH exam.

The purely pragmatic strategy is to skip Period 9 and focus on such point-rich topics as African American and women’s history. If you do want to devote a few lessons to Period 9, I would recommend focusing on President Reagan’s economic policies and his role in ending the Cold War. These two topics have generated about half of all Period 9 multiple-choice questions. Chapter 9 in the 2022 edition of The Insider’s Fast Review provides a succinct review of the key information students need to know in Period 9. Good luck!!!


Earn approximately a 52 (of 140 points) to earn a 3


Period 9 is 4-6% of the APUSH Exam


Our FAST REVIEW Book provides a clear review of Period 9