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The May 19 Digital Exam: First Report

AP US History

“It was hard! The SAQ practice examples were a BIG help!”

Here is a summary of my student’s general observations of the May 19 Digital Exam. It is interesting to note that their reactions are consistent with those of the Reddit posters. Of course the Reddit posters did not have the benefit of using our collection of SAQ examples!

Me: How was the exam?
My students: It was hard!
Me (concerned): Why was it hard?
My students: The MCs were much harder than anything we practiced.
Me (surprised): Why were the MCs so hard?
My students: Several questions came down to two choices that were very close.
They seemed like SAT critical reading questions.
Me (hopeful) What helped you the most?
My students: The SAQ practice examples were a BIG help! Also Plan B and Plan B+ for the DBQ. The chapters in AP US History, A Strategic Approach on African American history and Women’s history were a HUGE help.
Me (concerned and curious): What didn’t help?
My students: The MC practice examples and the YouTube videos. Binge watching Heimler and the College Board videos didn’t help. Time would have been better spent studying the chapters on African American history and Women’s history.
Me (concerned): How do you think you did?
My students: 4 or 5 depending on the scale. The exam was hard so maybe the scale will be generous!
Me (very relieved): Good! You are APUSH warriors. I knew you could do it! Stay in touch and keep me posted!

Larry Krieger

Larry Krieger

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