Insider Test Prep is proud to announce the publication of AP US History: The Essential Content. The book applies our distinctive Insider approach to AP US History. We began by designing a series of chronological chapters that match the sequence of topics in the College Board’s official APUSH Course Description booklet. We then analyzed ALL of the released SAT II and APUSH exams. This analysis enabled us to create a new selective approach that ignores rarely tested topics and instead focuses on frequently tested topics.

AP US History: The Essential Content contains a wealth of materials designed to help you master both the APUSH exam and the SAT II test. The book features 40 chronological chapters, 4 unique Making Key Comparisons chapters, 100 practice multiple-choice questions, and 20 Top Ten review lists. In addition, The Essential Content includes detailed chapters devoted to the DBQ and the Free-Response essay questions. Each chapter includes a sample annotated essay.

I have taught US History students for over 30 years. This book contains a lifetime of key points, strategies, and tips. Almost all of my students have scored 4’s and 5’s on the APUSH exam and over 700 on the SAT II US History test. You will too!

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