Insider Test Prep has a unique and effective philosophy that enables us to help you prepare for the SAT. Jacob and I take the SAT on a regular basis. This gives us valuable insights that we can then share with you.

“Jacob and I do more than just take the exams. We have compiled a library that includes ALL of the released SAT exams. We have conducted an exhaustive analysis of these tests. For example, we can tell you how many times a specific word has been a right or wrong SAT sentence completion or critical reading answer.

Our Insider philosophy is enabling Jacob and me to create a revolutionary generation of SAT prep materials that will provide you with the best practice materials for the Critical Reading, Math, and Writing sections of the SAT. We invite you to take the Insider Challenge. Take a look at our SAT materials and then ask yourself one question: Were the Insider materials effective? Jacob and I are confident your answer will be a resounding YES!”


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Essential SAT CR+V