The December SAT is just a couple of days away. SAT Critical Reading and Vocabulary defines and illustrates over 600 key words. I have amazing students who have mastered all the words in Essential and have asked me for a supplemental list that focuses on challenging Level 4 and 5 words. Here is Part V:

56. EMPIRICAL – empirical knowledge is based upon observable data
rather than theory or conjecture

57. EGALITARIAN – a person who believes in the equality of all people;
a person with an EGALITARIAN perspective would favor a
non-hierarchical working environment

58. HIATUS – a temporary gap, pause, break or absence; an interruption

59. RESTITUTION – the act of making up for damages or harm; restoring
something to its original state

60. CONTRIVED – artificially planned or manipulated

61. PLAUSIBLE – apparently reasonable and believable

62. COMPUNCTION – a feeling of deep regret usually for a misdeed

63. ADROIT – clever and skillful

64. RANKLE – to make resentful and angry

65. LASSITUDE – a feeling of lack of interest or energy

66. PROFUNDITY – the quality of great intellectual depth; very profound

67. HERALD – to greet enthusiastically; For example, admiring music
critics HERALED the arrival of the new British boy band.

68. MORASS – an unsystematic hodgepodge of papers, documents and

69. EXTRANEOUS – not pertinent to the matter under consideration

70. INVECTIVES – abusive or venomous language used to express blame or
deep-seated ill will

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