The December SAT is just a few days away. SAT Critical Reading and Vocabulary defines and illustrates over 600 key words. I have amazing students who have mastered all the words in Essential and have asked me for a supplemental list that focuses on challenging Level 4 and 5 words. Here is Part IV.

41. COMPLAISANT – showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

42. PREEMINENT – outstanding; better than everyone else in a specific field
or specialty

43. PROPRIETY – following what is socially acceptable in speech and
behavior; correct or appropriate behavior

44. DISQUIETING – causing mental discomfort; uneasiness; uncomfortable

45. FORBEARANCE – showing good natured tolerance of delay or
incompetence; great patience

46. TRUCULENT – defiantly aggressive; very argumentative; NOT
lighthearted or even-tempered

47. QUAGMIRE – in geography a QUAGMIRE is a bog or marsh; on the
SAT a QUAGMIRE is a precarious position that is difficult to get out of

48. OSTENTATIOUS – showy; intended to attract notice and attention;

49. AGGREGATION – a collection or gathering together of things; several
things grouped together to form a whole

50. CAPITULATE – to surrender under agreed conditions

51. ATONE FOR – to apologize for doing something wrong

52. TRANSGRESSION – an act that violates a law of a moral principle

53. PROBITY – great moral integrity; strong moral principles

54. OBTUSE – lacking insight and discernment; an OBTUSE critique
would fail to grasp the essential points of an argument

55. OUTSTRIP – to go far ahead of; civil wars and environmental
disasters are OUTSTRIPPING the ability of relief agencies to provide
badly needed aid.

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