The December SAT is just a few days away. SAT Critical Reading and Vocabulary defines and illustrates over 600 words. I have amazing students who have mastered the words in Essential and have asked me for a supplemental list that focuses on challenging Level 4 and 5 words. Here is Part III. I promise to add more words each day!

26. FORTITUDE = showing strength in the face of adversity or difficulty;
remaining resolute despite adversity

27. CATACLYSM – an event resulting in great loss, misfortune, and

28. PERPETUATE – to cause to continue indefinitely

29. OBLIVIOUS – completely unaware; unmindful; showing a lack of
attention or care

30. INURED TO – hardened by habitual exposure; people can become
INURED to pain, violence, noise and government corruption

31. ORNERINESS – grumpy and hard to please; cantankerous; having a
difficult and contrary disposition; human ORNERINESS can be seen
in petty complaints and hostilities

32. PELLUCID – crystal clear; lucid; allowing light to pass completely

33. COHESIVE – characterized by unity and sticking together; NOT
scattered or disparate

34. ESOTERIC – arcane; abstruse; recondite; knowledge known only
by a few; for example, using obscure words to describe simple events

35. MYOPIC – very shortsighted; focusing on short-term gains while
disregarding their long term consequences

36. DOLEFUL – very sad; evoking great sadness

37. QUIESCENT – inactive; quiet and still

38. ESCHEW – to deliberately avoid something; During the 1960s, hippies
ESCHEWED conventional middle class lifestyles; preferring to live in
communes instead of middle class suburbs.

39. INSIPID – bland; colorless and flavorless; lacking interest

40. CURT –blunt; brusque; marked by rude or peremptory shortness

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