The December SAT is just eight days away. SAT Critical Reading and Vocabulary defines and illustrates over 600 words. I have amazing students who have mastered the words in Essential and have asked me for a supplemental list that focuses on challenging Level 4 and 5 words. Here is
Part II. I promise to add more words each day!

16. FACILE – arrived at without due care or effort; For example a FACILE
reading of the diplomat’s public statement

17. CHASTISE – to severely reprimand; castigate; criticize harshly

18. FULSOME – unpleasantly and excessively ingratiating in manner or
speech; unctuous

19. PROSAIC – ordinary or dull; humdrum; pedestrian

20. COMMODIOUS – large and roomy; spacious

21. LABYRINTHINE – very intricate; like a maze; complex

22. CONCILIATE – to placate; appease, or pacify

23. SUBJUGATE – to make subservient; to repress; to force someone to

24. GAUDY – tastelessly showy; bright and tacky

25. VANQUISH – to overpower and defeat

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