The December SAT is just eight days away. SAT Critical Reading and Vocabulary defines and illustrates over 600 words. I have amazing students who have mastered the words in Essential and have asked me for a supplemental list that focuses on challenging Level 4 and 5 words. Here is
Part I. I promise to add more words each day!

1. ESCHEW – to deliberately avoid something; stay clear of; some groups
have inviolable rules that cannot be ESCHEWED

2. PLACID – very calm; even-tempered; a person with a PLACID
disposition would be even-tempered and not upset by disturbances

3. IMMUTABLE – unchanging; Far from being an IMMUTBLE institution,
Congress is continually changing.

4. STOPGAP – a temporary solution; a short-term expedient; New Deal
programs such as the CCC were STOPGAP efforts to reduce

5. INNATE – a characteristic or ability that is already present in a person
when they are born; an essential part of our nature

6. CATER – to provide something that is needed or desired; Science fiction
movies CATER TO a need to escape from humdrum daily activities.

7. JARRING – making or causing a harsh and irritating sound; Hostile
critics decried the new rap album for its JARRING and cacophonous
sound track.

8. PARSIMONIOUS – excessively frugal; stingy; Unlike her munificent
brother, Noah was a PARSIMONIOUS person unwilling to spend a lot of

9. REDOUBLE – to double again and therefore intensify one’s efforts; The
team captains vowed to REDOUBLE their efforts following the
embarrassing loss to their cross-town rivals.

10. FLUSTERED – to be thrown into a state of embarrassment and
confusion; The shy Olympic champion was FLUSTERED by the
overwhelming media attention she received.

11. RAPACIOUS – very greedy and grasping; Progressive reformers accused
Robber Barons such as Rockefeller of being RAPACIOUS capitalists who
only cared about making a profit.

12. SCINTILLATE – lively and sparkling; as a SCINTILLATING
performance or a SCINTILLATING conversation

13. IMPERATIVE – something that absolutely has to be done and cannot be
put off; It is IMPERATIVE that diabetics avoid sugar; And of course it is
IMPERATIVE that my SAT students study the words in my book!

14. FECKLESS – ineffective; generally incompetent and ineffectual; The
newspaper editorial described the politician as FECKLESS because he
was unable to accomplish any of his promised objectives.

15. METTLESOME – having a proud and unbroken spirit; brave and spirited

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