ME: OK – the key phrase for the second word in this Level 5 sentence completion question is “her wry sense of humor.” Who can tell me what word this phrase will lead you to?
ME: Why did you choose INSIPID?
STUDENT: I am not sure. It sounds good.
ME: It may sound good but it is wrong. Answers are correct when they are supported by key words in the sentence.
STUDENT: What does DROLL mean?
ME: It is a synonym of WRY. Both words describe a dry sense of humor. It’s in my book on page 66. So DROLL is the correct answer.
STUDENT: What does INSIPID mean?
ME: INSIPID means flat and bland. It’s in my book on page 138.
STUDENT: I guess I really should study the vocabulary in your book.
ME: I hate being so REDUNDANT – but the words are in my book!

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