JB’s METEORIC (very rapid) rise to fame and fortune has also produced
controversy. Bieber now sports and ever-growing collection of tattoos
that often attract more attention than his music. In addition, recent
well-publicized episodes of CHURLISH (rude and boorish) behavior
have caused many to accuse the once sweet and innocent kid of
becoming a spoiled brat.

2. JB’S PENCHANT (strong liking) FOR TATTOOS
JB has a real PENCHANT for tattoos. Inked on his 16th birthday, his
first tattoo depicted a small bird in flight located on his left hip. Since
his father and uncle also have the same tattoo, the bird in flight tat is
a family tradition. In the last three years, Justin has added new tattoos
at an ever-accelerating pace. He currently has a total of 19 tattoos that
depict a variety of religious, musical, and personal interests.

3. JUSTIN MAKES A FUNNY GAFFE (noticeable blunder) ON THE
Justin appeared as a guest on the Letterman Show about a year ago.
At that time, JB had 6 tattoos. Letterman examined the tats and then
ADMONISHED (earnestly warned) the young pop star to “not go crazy
and end up with murals all over your body.” Justin listened politely and
replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not going for the Sixteenth Chapel.” Oops –
major GAFFE! Justin, it’s the Sistine Chapel. Looks like JB wasn’t
paying attention when his World History class studied Michelangelo’s
famous masterpiece.

4. ANOTHER EGREGIOUS (very bad, flagrant) MISTAKE
Justin’s errors did not end with his “Sixteenth Chapel” GAFFE. He
recently inked the following Roman numerals just below his collar
bone: IX VII V. Justin apparently intended to highlight 1975 as the
year of his mother’s birth. But wait – big mistake, EGREGIOUS error!
The actual Roman numeral for 1975 is MCMLXXV! It is not clear
if Justin made the EGREGIOUS mistake or if it was made by his
INEPT (clumsy and incompetent) tattoo artist.

Justin’s Letterman GAFFE and EGREGIOUS Roman numeral mistake
have been completely overshadowed by his new super CONSPICUOUS
Eye Tattoo (see above). The tattoo is an exact replica of his mother’s
eyeball. According to Justin the tattoo is there to remind him that,
“Mom’s always watching.” Given his recent antics (see below) Justin
really does need some additional parental supervision. However,
DISCERNING (very perceptive) Beliebers have pointed out that the
Eye Tattoo may have a second meaning. The tattoo is located on
Justin’s left arm just above his BELIEVE tattoo. So the two tattoos may
actually be a pair that read “I BELIEVE” – get it!

6. JUSTIN’S CHURLISH (rude; lacking civility) ANTICS
By all accounts, Justin is usually polite and CONVIVIAL (full of life).
However, he has recently begun to exhibit episodes of CHURLISH
behavior. For example, the pop star astonished other passengers by
walking shirtless through an airport security line in Poland. A short
time later he delayed a concert in Dubai for two hours so that he could
finish playing a video game. Bieber’s CHURLISH behavior did not
end with these antics. Justin’s “Wild Kidz” partying buddies recently
posted a video on YouTube showing the pop superstar urinating into
a mop bucket in the kitchen of a New York City nightclub. After
relieving himself, Bieber took a swig of a blue cleaning fluid and
sprayed a photograph of former president Bill Clinton. Worried that
this embarrassing incident would TARNISH (stain) his image, Justin
apologized to President Clinton for his CHURLISH behavior.

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