1. EPITOMIZE – to embody the essential characteristics of a trait; to
The Bugatti Veyron EPITOMIZES exclusivity, luxury, elegance, and
design. Priced at $1.7 million the Bugatti is the fastest street-legal
production car in the world.

2. PENCHANT – a strong liking or predilection for something
Rappers have a seemingly INSATIABLE (can be satisfied) desire for
attention and material status symbols. As a result, many rappers have
displayed a PENCHANT for owning a Bugatti. For example, Lil Wayne,
Birdman, P.Diddy, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Drake and Flo Rida all own

3. OPULENT – lavish and pretentious display of wealth
Flo Rida recently purchased a pearl white Bugatti Veyron. However, the
car apparently was not CONSPICUOUS (very noticeable) enough for
Flo Rida’s OPULENT taste. It is also possible that Flo many have been
jealous of Justin Bieber’s attention-gathering leopard print Audi R8.

4. AUDACIOUS – very bold, daring
Convinced that his pearlescent white Bugatti just wasn’t getting enough
attention, Flo Rida reached an AUDACIOUS decision. He asked the
experts at Metro Wrapz in Hollywood, Florida to wrap his Bugatti in a
shimmering gold chrome. Inspired by Flo Rida’s AUDACIOUS design,
the technicians at Metro Wrapz worked ASSIDUOUSLY (very
diligently) to fulfill their proud motto – “Our Wrapz Create Hype!”

5. INCONGRUOUS – incompatible
But wait! What about Flo’s wheels? The FLAMBOYANT (showy and
ostentatious) rapper quickly realized that his conventional Bugatti
wheels would look totally INCONGROUS with his new gold-chrome
dream car.

6. OSTENTATIOUS – very showy and pretentious
Given his INSATIABLE (can’t be satisfied) thirst for attention, Flo Rida
knew that he had to have wheels that would make a bold and unique
fashion statement. So he asked the experts at Metro Wrapz to replace his
dull and boring Bugatti tires with Forgiato 24-inch, 24 karat gold-plated
wheels! The resulting car is now one of the most distinctive and
OSTENTATIOUS vehicles in America!

7. VOLUPTUOUS – having strong sexual appeal; very sensuous
Would you drive in a Bugatti by yourself? Of course not! Eager to see
and be seen, Flo Rida invited VOLUPTUOUS Miami models to
drive with him to popular South Beach clubs. Needless to say, Flo
insisted that the models wear gold clothes to match his Bugatti’s
gold chrome.

8. AESTHETIC – a sensitivity to beauty
Everyone agrees that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Flo Rida is
undoubtedly proud of his Bugatti and finds it AESTHETICALLY

9. LAMBASTE – to sharply criticize; CASTIGATE
While Flo Rida is pleased with his Bugatti, critics have LAMBASTED
his taste calling the car “a cheap and gaudy plastic toy.” One especially
acid critic SARDONICALLY (very sarcastic) noted that now Flo Rida’s
gold-chrome Bugatti would “match his gold teeth.” Ouch!

10. ADULATION – great praise and admiration
Flo Rida probably does not care what his critics think. He loves
attention and still enjoys the ADULATION of his loyal fans and the
APPROBATION (approval) of his fellow rappers.

OK – I’ve been RUMINATING (reflecting and contemplating) about becoming the first SAT tutor in the world to own a Bugatti Veyron. How cool would that be! So I am asking my legion of loyal Followers to encourage your Facebook friends to buy copies of The Essential 500 Words. My goal is
to sell at least 500,000 more books. We can do it! I promise to buy a gold and green Bugatti
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he is a cool dude!

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