What do the movie star Tom Cruise, the NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and the rapper Flo Rida all have in common? They are all part of an ELITE (select) group of about 80 Americans who own a Bugatti Veyron.

The Bugatti has always fascinated my students. First manufactured in 1900, the Bugatti is the EPITOME (embodiment, model) of exclusivity, luxury, elegance, and design. Priced at $1.7 million the Bugatti is the fastest street-legal production car in the world. The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport boasts a 1,200 horsepower engine that enables it to reach a speed of 268 miles per hour. When roaring down the road at top speed, the Veyron’s 26.4-gallon fuel tank will go dry in 12 minutes.

The Bugatti’s METICULOUS (very exacting) high-precision engineering enables it to totally dominate a track. YouTube contains a number of videos showing a Bugatti matched against such rivals as the Audi R8, BMW M3, and the Aston Martin V8. However, the DISPARITY (inequality) between these cars and the PRODIGIOUS (enormous) power of the Bugatti’s 16 cyclinder engine is too great. In each race, the mighty Bugatti roars past its outclassed rival.

Although the Bugatti is formidable, it is not INVINCIBLE (unbeatable). In what race enthusiasts have called the “best drag race in history,” a Bugatti raced a Royal Air Force Euro Fighter Typhoon. The race proved to be very close. A detailed inspection of the film revealed that the overconfident Bugatti driver was reading The Essential 500 as he approached the finish line. His NONCHALANT (overly casual) attitude cost him a close race but did AUGMENT (increase) his vocabulary.

Although the Bugatti lost to the jet plane, it can still claim the INDISPUTABLE (undeniable) title of the world’s fastest production road car. Owners EFFUSIVELY (lavishly) praise the Bugatti as a perfect SYNTHESIS (blend) of art and technology. For example, one noted automotive PUNDIT (commentator) called the Bugatti, “utterly, stunningly, mind blowingly, jaw droppingly brilliant.”

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