I first began using the lyrics of popular songs to illustrate SAT words back in the late 1990’s. Back then the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Britney Spears dominated the pop charts. “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez is one of the top songs today. Here is the first part of my SAT analysis of Selena’s debut

1. CONJECTURE – a speculation based upon incomplete evidence; a
Selena Gomez released “Come and Get It” a few months after her
split from Justin Bieber. Fans immediately CONJECTURED that with
lyrics such as, “This love ain’t finished yet,” the song was actually a
message to JB that Selena wanted to get back together.

2. REBUT – an attempt to prove that an accusation or theory is false
Selena firmly REBUTTED the “wants to reconcile with Justin”
CONJECTURE when she told Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest, “It’s
not really about a specific person.”

3. CORROBORATE – to substantiate; to support and confirm
Popular music websites promptly CORROBORATED Selena’s claim
that the song was not about Justin. Music critics pointed out that “Come
and Get It” was actually written for Rihanna. However, Ri Ri turned
down the song because her fans would ERRONEOUSLY (incorrectly)
conclude that she wanted to get back with Chris Brown.

4. SYNTHESIS – a blend of different elements
“Come and Get It” is an interesting SYNTHESIS that contains elements
of catchy mid-tempo pop music with some hints of Bollywood.

5. DEMURE – modest and reserved
“Come and Get It” marks an important turning point in Selena’s career.
She clearly wants to move beyond her DEMURE image as a Disney
Channel girl.

6. EMPHATIC – marked by great conviction; forceful and UNAMBIGUOUS
Selena is EMPHATIC about her feelings for the mystery guy. He “ain’t
gotta worry” because her song is “an open invitation” to get
together. Selena goes on to EMPHATICALLY declare that “I’m gon’ love
you for life, I ain’t leaving your side.”

7. REDUNDANT – unnecessarily repetitious
Selena opens “Come and Get It” by saying, “When you’re ready come and
get it.” She then goes on to repeat this same line 11 more times. Selena
I’m sure the guy gets it. There is no need to be so REDUNDANT!

8. LAUD – to warmly praise
Many music critics have LAUDED “Come and Get It” as a logical step in
Selena’s evolution from Disney Channel girl to an independent 20-year-old
pop star. Fan support has catapulted the song into the Top 5 in Ryan
Seacrest’s American Top 40 playlist.

9. CAUSTIC – characterized by a critical use of sarcastic, stinging comments
However, not all music critics have given the song favorable reviews. For
example, Kristin Francis CAUSTICALLY wrote, “Hello Titanic, meet the
iceberg otherwise known as ‘Come and Get It,’” Ouch, that hurts!

10. INFECTIOUS – catchy; irresistible
Personally I like the song and it’s innovative video. Selena is fun to
watch and the beat is INFECTIOUS. But I do have a problem. I’ve
listened to the song several times and now I can’t get Selena’s
REDUNDANT lyrics out of my head. Help!

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