Questions on Colonial America typically comprise about 20 percent of both the SAT II and APUSH exams. Here are my Top 12 Colonial facts you need to know:

1. St. Augustine – founded by the Spanish; first permanent settlement

in North America

2. Map showing route of French exploration in North America – arrows

move across the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi

3. Tobacco was a cash crop that saved the Virginia and Maryland


4. The Puritan magistrates expelled Roger Williams and Anne

Hutchinson for challenging orthodox religious beliefs.

5. The Puritans wanted to establish a model Christian community

(“city on a hill”) based upon strict religious principles.

6. The Puritans endorsed tax supported public schools.

7. Bacon’s Rebellion (1676) exposed the tensions between Virginia yeoman

farmers and Governor Berkeley and the Tidewater gentry.

8. The Glorious Revolution in Great Britain led to the collapse of the

Dominion of New England in America.

9. The French fur traders enjoyed cooperative relations with American


10. Quakers gave more rights to women that any other colonial group.

11. The French and Indian War left the British with a large debt.

Parliament tried to raise money by imposing new taxes on their

North American colonies ie the Stamp Act

12. The British taxes and attempts to coerce the colonies actually

intensified republican sentiment.

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