Here is an outline of the major domestic events in the US between 1988 and 2000 

Bush Presidency

  • Election of 88 ; Bush I runs a negative attack campaign, painting Dukakis as a “Liberal” – Wins
  • Unsuccessful b/c of huge inherited deficit – Political stalemate w. Democratic congress
  • Salvaged Savings and Loan Industry
  • 1990 – Tax increase for deficit reduction
  • 1991 – civil rights bill to combat discrimination
  • Recession in ’91-92 – Us ppl. frustrated.
  • Election of ’92 – Ross Perot (3rd party businessman) wins large share of vote, causes Bush loss (43-37 Clinton v. Bush) Clinton youthful, focuses on economy

Clinton Economy/Social

  • Tax increase on wealthy Americans
  • Reduced govt spending
  • Income tax credits for poor ppl.
  • NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement w. Mexico and Canada ( eliminates trade barriers)
  • Rise in the black middle class and acceptance of black culture
  • Increased use of drugs and AIDS
  • Crime declines sharply
  • Growth of environmentalism
  • Superb economic growth over the 1990s – driven by the web and associated productivity gain
  • Mostly tax cuts in second term and budget surplus

Clinton Political

  • 93- Tries to pass govt health care program, fails b/c of critics (both ones that think it goes too far and those who think it doesn’t go far enough)
  • 94 Midterms, Republicans sweep into power and gain control of both houses of Congress for first time in nearly 40 yrs.
  • Contract with America (Repubs.) – tax reduction, balanced budget and conservatives.
  • 95 huge transfer of power to states, reduce fed. Spending, restructure Medicare
  • Clinton shifts to the center, and govt. shut down in 95 b/c of Federal Spending
  • Before election of 96, Congress passes incr. in Minimum wage, and Health Care reform (incl prevention of denial for pre-existing conditions).
  • Clinton wins big in 96, but Ross Perot again takes a lot of the vote –
  • 98- Paula Jones scandal calls into question whether Clinton cheated w. intern Monica Lewinsky
  • Clinton impeached 1998 on perjury, acquitted and served out term through 2000
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    • Larry

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