There is a lot of news to tell you about. Here are the headlines:
1. The Podcasts are coming! We expect to post 5 APUSH Podcasts and 10 vocabulary podcast within the next 24 hours. These will be the first of a large number of Podcasts. Brenton and Raj want to post a few sample Podcasts to make sure that everything is working.
2. AP US History: The Essential Content is off to a great start. Pleased to report that Jeffery Jung got his copy and likes the book – yea!
3. Nikki, Dhara, Priyal, Archana, Roshni, Megha, and Revalthy are all PRESCIENT! To find out why check out today’s post on The Essential 300 Words.
4. My juniors are very pleased with the March SAT. They knew all the key vocabulary words and the College Board gave us a very good essay topic.
5. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s APUSH class. I’ll be giving each student an autographed copy of AP US History: The Essential Content.
6. And finally, I will begin teaching a new SAT class tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to meeting a new group of SAT warriors!

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