Today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday! Hmm…I could write a really bad song using these lyrics. Oh wait … Rebecca Black has already done that and YouTube members led by Neil EXCORIATED (harshly criticized) her!

I am HEARTENED (very encouraged) by our outstanding performance on the Wednesday PSAT. Counting ENMITY we ended up with 15 vocabulary answers from out 150 word list. See my earlier blog entries for the complete list of hits. So the good news is that now you only need to focus on 135 words.

I have been totally IMMERSED (absorbed) in preparing my students for the Saturday PSAT. Don’t forget to check out my Video Vocab lessons.They generated a big time Wednesday hit with UNFETTERED.

So what are my TOP 8 Vocabulary picks? Here are my GREAT 8:
1. INTRANSIGENT – stubborn; obstinate
2. PROLIFERATION – to multiply and spread; like nuclear proliferation
3. EXACTING – very precise; exact; Steve Jobs (RIP) had very EXACTING standards of excellence.
4. UBIQUITOUS – everywhere; Starbucks is UBIQUITOUS – except for Montgomery, NJ!
5. CONFOUND – puzzled, confused; My students are CONFOUNDED and want to know whey Monty doesn’t have a Starbucks.
6. OMINOUS – dark and foreboding; threatening
7. DILATORY – don’t be DILATORY. Study your 150 Word list!


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